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A sweet syrupy almondy classic amaretto aroma

Angel Wings

A beautiful soft powdery fragrance with a blend of baby powder and creamy vanilla


Sweet, tart, a great authentic apple scent

Apple Cinnamon

Sweet, tart, a great authentic apple scent

Aurora Borealis

Sweet, tart, a great authentic apple scent

Baby Powder

Always a favourite, the soft and gentle fragrance of baby powder

Black Magic

Truly divine fragrance like an enchanted forest, a blend of fir, sweet spices and vanilla

Butt Naked

A tantalizing medley of granny smith apples, strawberries and pears, with hints of spice


A lovely sweet buttery scent, just like the real thing!

Cafe Mocha


Champagne Mist

A sparkling sweet fruity dessert champagne fragrance.


A sweet light authentic cherry fragrance.

Chocolate Brownie

A delicious chocolate brownie fragrance with a hint of walnuts.


A deliciously accurate rich and creamy milk chocolate aroma.


Classic citrus citronella fragrance, great for summer, bugs hate it!

Clean Cotton

The most popular linen fragrance - clean, crisp and very fresh.


Rich creamy tropical coconut, always a favourite!

Dragons Blood

A magical earthy fragrance with a hint of sweet spices and mystery.


A light feminine blend of sweet fruits, soft florals, vanilla, sandalwood, light spice and musk.


The fresh invigorating minty scent of the Eucalyptus tree

Fairy Toadstools

A light sweet floral fragrance with a hint of magic!


A light airy clean sweet floral scent.

French Vanilla

A rich creamy sweet vanilla bean fragrance

Fresh Coffee

A lovely fresh fragrance, smells just like the real thing.

Fresh Cut Roses

A beautiful gentle fragrance of roses, fresh from the garden




Fragrances     A-F   G-M   N-T   U-Z